Not a margarita...
A Wine-a-Rita®

Cool down with one of Wine-a-Rita's® frozen beverages.

Made in the USA with natural sugar and natural flavor. No artificial colors or flavors. Make in a blender or your freezer!


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Our Company

Wine-A-Rita® is a refreshing adventure created in Texarkana, Texas, by Donna and Judy, good friends and business partners for over 20 years. Knowing that every good friendship comes with a few good drinks, we put our heads together to develop a frozen wine drink. After much sampling, we had the perfect recipe, thus, Wine Glacé® was born! After much praise for our original creation, we soon followed with additional signature cocktails. The product line of Wine-a-Rita® has garnered much acclaim and the accolades continue to roll in!

We are proud to contract with Business Opportunites Inc, which is a special program providing employment for adults who have developmental disabilities.

Nothing about wine has been the same since we introduced Wine Glacé® in 2005. We know you will enjoy our mixes as they make the classics more interesting! 

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